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Parrots are one of the most popular types of pets to own nowadays, and why not? After all, they are beautiful and intelligent. People are attracted to them because of their attractive features and loud, vocal squawking. If you are also searching for an African Grey for sale, you are at the right place. Parrots Naturally can help you with that. You might not know, but parrots vary in size, quantity, and attitude, and some breeds are very daunting and expensive to maintain. That is why you need to take suggestions from our experts. Parrots such as red-fronted macaws, Jardines, and scarlet macaws are better and advanced; hence if you are interested in owning a parrot but not sure which one, consider consulting with us. Make sure that you understand the behavior of your future pet because something cute and beautiful can grow into a loud and abrasive parrot. 

Tips For Choosing The Best Parrot!

  • Plan For The Size Of The Parrot

You might not know, but these parrots come in a variety of sizes. You should ask yourself, “am I comfortable with a large parrot?” Some people are happy with conures( which can reach two feet), and others can handle macaws( which can surpass 3 feet.) Visit us and check out all the sizes because, in the end, you are the one who will choose the pet. For those who are looking for a smaller breed, a parakeet or cockatiel may be more appropriate.

  • Plan To Accommodate The Life Span Of The Parrot

It is known that generally, larger parrots live longer than smaller parrots, but on the other hand, a small parrot can be a vital choice for beginners. The larger parrots are more demanding and can live up to 80 years. At the same time, the life of an average budgie is not more than eight years. Jardines is one of the larger parrots of genius poicephalus. And an adult can reach up to 11 inches.

  • Decide If You Want A More Or Less Vocal Bird.

You can also differentiate between their vocal range; some squawk less while others are pretty loud. If you live in a small apartment, you should go for a parakeet or cockatiel. Those who love pretty birds, there is a creature that we call from an egg to an angel. 

  • Matching A Parrot To Your Lifestyle

It would be best if you decide the time you are planning to commit to a parrot. You might not know, but large birds are social birds; that is why consider them only if you are ready to give at least an hour in a day. Are you a full-time worker? If you are, then a parrot is not an appropriate pet for you. Also, do not forget to praise the size of the parrot; they are expensive and need much care.

  • Closing The Deal

Choose an individual parrot and make sure you understand his behavior because, as I have talked about above, something cute may turn into a beast. Consider spending some time( about 30 minutes at least) noticing the bird’s behavior, check whether he is social, active, and engaged. Give immediate attention to the appealing behavior; you can also choose a parrot that you find visually appealing.


As I was talking above, parrots are the most popular pet, and if you’re reading this post, then most likely you are searching for African Grey for sale near me. If yes, visit our website online or contact us. You might not know, but parrots vary in size and attitude. For more information, contact Parrots Naturally.