African Greys are overpriced compared to the other species of parrots because adoption and the process of acquiring legal ownership of this rare species of parrots are costly. Again, there lies the proper maintenance & upbringing cost of these parrots. For pet owners favoring an intelligent & inquisitive animal as a pet, then an African Grey parrot is undoubtedly the perfect choice.


Determinants that truly impact the worth of these inquisitive pets:

When purchasing African greys, several determinants influence the cost of the bird. Read on the blog to take a look at what those factors are that affect the price of African Greys:

Age: A featherless infant African Grey is inexpensive but demands more initial care, and a young African Grey who can eat adult food is expensive. Moreover, after a particular age, the older an African Grey is, the cheaper it is.
Genetics: The nature of the genetics of an African Grey also affect its price. Through DNA testing, one can recognize its genetic heredity or whether the African Grey is a breed of its two subspecies, impacting the purchase price.
Looks: When considering African Grey for adoption, the buyer searches for a beautiful or healthy or blemishes-free African Grey. The price varies depending on the appearance of the bird. The more desirable or pleasant a bird’s attributes will be, the higher its cost will be.
Location of purchase: The area from where one purchases the bird also influences its worth. For instance, for individuals residing in Western Africa, the purchase of this native bird is easy and less expensive. At the same time, it automatically gets considerably high-priced for people in America due to laws and regulations associated with registration, licensing, and purchase in that country.


Why is raising an African Greys expensive?

Apart from an expensive purchase of African Greys, raising them too contributes to its expenses. African Parrots enjoyed a prolonged lifespan which is something approximately 50 to 70 years in captivity and cared for. Hence, acquiring this intelligent bird adds to high expense. Instead of the best care that this parrot species demands daily considering its long lifespan, raising African Greys remains expensive.

Purchasing suitable toys and perches

As African Grey parrots tend to get bored fast, the pet owner obliges them to invest a lot in having adequate toys and an appropriate variety of perches in their cages to keep them engaged and entertained. Your feathery friends adore exploring and playing, and therefore, to put them occupied and stimulate them mentally, proper toys are a must.


Maintaining a rich quality diet

A rich-quality healthy intake is a necessity for keeping these intelligent pets healthy, energetic, and happy. From healthy seed mix to fine quality pellets, loads of fresh vegetables and fruits daily also add to the cost incurred in raising them. Occasional treats are the basic requirements for the proper diet of African Greys. Providing a healthy intake is something where saving money can’t be imagined as a pet owner.


Opting for imminent avian veterinary practices

Homeowners purchase an expensive bird to ensure it is protected from diseases and illnesses of each kind. Hence, there remain the pet insurance coverage costs and bills of veterinary appointments to ensure their sound health.


Conclusively, it can be stated that, though African Parrots are excellent companions, active and intelligent pets to own, they cost a lot in terms of the owner’s time, energy, attention as well as financially. Only those competent in bearing the non-financial and financial expenses should opt for owning African Greys as pets as there lies a significant long-term commitment.