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Advances in Nutrition

When we purchased our first parrot in 1978 we were extremely naive. Like many people, we thought it was normal that our baby Amazon, BoBo, wasn’t wearing a band and had been raised on a diet of seed and tortillas. Those were indeed the Dark Ages of aviculture!

Thanks to thirty years of studies into parrots’ eating habits in the wild, along with extensive research in such fields as biochemistry, nutrition, anatomy, and physiology, we now know that our birds need a varied diet that does not necessarily reflect what they eat in the wild. The parrots in our lives need plenty of healthy vegetables and fruits, sprouted seeds and legumes, pellets — and only a little bit of seed.

Today there are so many endangered parrots — even those considered abundant in the wild just a few years ago. As responsible breeders and pet owners we have an obligation to feed the best diet that our current knowledge prescribes.

Nutritional challenges we face today

Our challenges in the area of nutrition are:

  1. Misinformation and conflicting information that bombards us.
  2. The reality of our lifestyles, living in fast forward—finding the time to prepare healthy foods and feeding in a timely and safe manner.

We don’t pretend to have all of the answers, but we are here to guide you to a naturalcommon sensestreamlined approach to nutrition.

All of us want to do the very best that we can for our birds to ensure them a long, healthy and happy existence.

It took us years to convert BoBo to a healthy diet and to reduce his weight. Weight control is a problem for many Amazons raised on a fatty diet and too little exercise. If you have a parrot living on a diet of seed, its life expectancy is less than half of the normal parrot lifespan, and will undoubtedly be cut short by conditions such as fatty liver disease (cirrhosis), vitamin A deficiency, and other debilitating illnesses related to improper diet.

Do not despair! At Parrots Naturally, our primary goal is education for bird owners. We can help you guide your bird to a healthier lifestyle.

Because of our large flock we have the unique ability to test-market all of our products before we offer them to the public. We know the health benefits of the foods and supplements that we have used ourselves and now sell to customers. The proof of our success in avian nutrition is our nursery full of healthy baby parrots that you can visit at Parrots Naturally.

Every Sunday is samples day at Parrots Naturally

We’ll send you home to your bird with tasty samples of our unique New Millennium sprouts, delicious and healthy birdie breads, several fruit and vegetable mixes, and natural pellets. Join us for our lively discussions of diet and bird behavior, and get acquainted with some of our growing family of bird-lovers.