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Our Recommendation

We recommend grooming most parrots every 3 -4 months. Some birds’ nails grow faster that others and you may wish more frequent grooming if holding your bird is uncomfortable. If a bird is going through a molt, he may re-grow wing feathers within weeks of the grooming and be capable of flying even though he has just been groomed. We will let you know if this is the case. We will call or text you every three months to check in, but if you need us sooner do not hesitate to call us.
Your bird will be groomed with a clean, bleached towel that has not been used on another bird. If you prefer using your towel please inform us. Our usual grooming procedure includes cutting and filing your bird’s nails, trimming the feathers to prevent his or her flying away and smoothing of the beak to remove old tissue. We ordinarily cut the outer 5-7 feathers depending on the species. If you want a different cut, please inform us. Beak work other that the usual minimal trimming and smoothing is usually not performed unless we have discussed this previously. We can usually gradually correct minor scissor beak or misalignment, but severe cases should be performed by your veterinarian.

Scheduling an Appointment

Please call our special services line 818 887-1233 to make an appointment.  Grooming appointments are usually available on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3pm.  We appreciate giving us as much notice as possible, but if we are not busy we may be able to groom without an appointment.  Call the shop at 818 708-7277 Saturday or Sunday to see if there are openings.