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Rehome A Parrot

We don’t call our placement of older birds adoptions because these birds are not orphans. When one of our baby parrots is sold, it is with the understanding that if for any reason the owner cannot keep his parrot, Parrots Naturally will be the first to be notified.

How could anyone give up a parrot that has bonded with him or her and is totally dependent upon his human family?   For years I have asked this question, as have most of those in our extended bird family.   The truth is that the most loving parrot owner cannot know the future and those of us at Parrots Naturally are not mind readers, although we do the best to place our birds in loving, permanent homes.

When they are returned to us because their owner has died, has a life-threatening illness, loses his or her home or job, we do not judge; we are thankful that our bird has returned to the nest and welcome him or her with open arms.

Sometimes it takes months or even years for a parrot to get over being rejected, mourning the loss of a loving owner, not understanding why he has been rejected.   We do not rush the process


  1. The rehoming of these special birds is not a function of Parrots Naturally. It is through an organization called FATE (For All The Eendangered), which is in the process of applying for tax- exempt status. Some of the birds for rehoming stay at Parrots Naturally after they have cleared their health exam.
  1. If you are interested in one of these parrots, the first step is to fill out a Rehoming application.
  1. There is a fee, which is different for each bird. Usually the fee is commensurate with the condition of the bird, physically and psychologically and the amount of time that we have spent rehabilitating. On average it is half of what we would charge for a young recently weaned parrot. There are some special-needs parrots that have problems such as plucking; we will work with anyone dedicated to their recovery with both financial discounts and any help that we can provide.

Adoption fees will be quoted after we receive your application.

  1. We usually require that an appropriately sized cage be purchased for the parrot

You must insure us that you are able to provide toys and accessories to meet the bird’s needs.

  1. You will be required to spend several sessions with our associates who will instruct you on the environmental, dietary and social needs of the parrot.