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Rehoming Success Stories

It is always a banner day at Parrots Naturally when we celebrate the adoption of one of our parrots looking for a new home. Often the parrots have been with us for a long period of time (sometimes years) until we find that perfect match. We all hope that we have found that lifetime home, but we know that with life’s uncertainties we can only do the best we can. Rarely does a bird come back after rehoming, but new owners know that we will be here if there is a need to “return to the nest”. We look forward to seeing our special birds when they return for grooming and boarding and always enjoy the pictures and videos of the birds in their new home. Here we will share what we call ” The Joy of Parrothood” , a second time around.

Panya, one of the most beautiful of our Congo African Grey babies has a special story…

One day one of our favorite parrot families called with sad news of the loss of their Jardines parrot. During the mourning and comforting stage we all decided that they should not be parrot-less. Suddenly it just seemed that this would be the perfect home for Panya. Today she continues to delight with her “God Blesses” in her new home where she is dearly loved by all.