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Meet the Flock


There are two types of Caiques. Today you will see both black headed and apricot headed clowns. These confident and outgoing parrots keep us laughing all day long. Although they are not the best talkers, their antics are unequaled. Today, I observed a clutch of three apricot headeds romping in their weaning cage. One was swinging frantically in a braided swing, using his tail and head to pump on the swing so that it swung violently almost reaching the top of the cage. His two siblings had a different game. One was on his back at the bottom of the cage and the other had grabbed him by the foot and was dragging him around the grate . I interrupted all of this playground activity by throwing in 2 whiffle balls. All three rushed to play with them and took turns lying on their backs and stealing them from one another