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Meet the Flock

Meyers Parrots

The Meyer’s parrot is closely related to other parrots in the Poicephalus genus—the Senegals, Red Belly parrot and Brown-headed . they are all equal in size at about 8-9 inches.

Unlike cockatoos, the Meyer’s parrot isn’t going to demand affection, but it needs a lot of handling nonetheless. An owner should have the time to spend with this parrot, though it is often content to entertain itself with something chewable, like rawhide, rope knots and soft wood.

A well-socialized Meyer’s Parrot generally has a great personality. Hand-raised Meyers are generally friendly, affectionate and playful. It is important to familiarize and socialize them with the entire family, or they will bond to one person only. Well-socialized Meyer’s Parrots enjoy being the center of attention and generally make great family birds.

Meyers adapt readily to new surroundings and should be well adapted to many novel experiences at a young age. Adult birds are less adaptable to unfamiliar environments and dietary changes.

They become more independent as they reach sexual maturity. Adult males may become aggressive during breeding season. Generally, they are not demanding birds and are happy to keep themselves busy with their toys for stretches during the daytime. A spacious cage that accommodates plenty of toys and still allows your pet room for moving around is a must – particularly for any bird that is confined to a cage for longer stretches during the daytime. Those birds who spend most of their time outside their cage do fine in smaller cages, as long as they can still freely flap their wings and have some toys to occupy

These parrots are generally quiet and unlikely to annoy neighbors, which makes them a good choice for apartment dwellers. Their natural vocalizations consist of screeches, or when they are alarmed they will growl which can then escalate into shrieking cries. They may also mimic sounds they hear in their environment. Even though they are not the greatest talkers, they may learn to say a few words.